Sunday, August 30, 2009

915 Morgan

“The remembrance of a place is only like the finger pointing to the moon—it is not the moon!  Truly you cannot go home again!”
“It’s gone!” I counted the houses from the corner where Gary Lundquist lived. Next door the Rabbi’s house, then 3rd from the corner, and finally 915 Morgan. But there’s a single family house there. “Oh, the little embankment is still there.” I used to ski down it. I can’t picture the rest of the place where I spent most of my childhood. The vacant lot to the left of the old 4-plex is now a yard.
Milan 915 Morgan-1
Below:  Me and Gary Lundquist
Milan 915 Morgan-2
           Below:  Me and my Mom
Milan 915 Morgan Mpls-1

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  1. Trying to go home again. Yes .... been there too!