Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Aunt Mattie Died Today


I’m really glad that I wrote that tribute to my Aunt Mattie a few weeks ago.  My mother informed me a couple of hours ago that she received a phone call from my cousin Sharon, that her mother had died this morning after a night’s sleep in her own bed.  Mattie had called my Mom just last week and asked her to thank me for what I had written about her.  Linda, another daughter, and Sharon had printed my blog and read it to her.  How often we wish we had told someone what they meant to us before they were gone.  I’m glad my Aunt Mattie was able to hear and appreciate the sentiment I wanted to express.  That in itself made my decision to write a blog worth the effort.  Every week I tell the members of my writing class that they need to have a blog.  Everyone has something important to say—important to someone.  I know my cousins, Mattie’s 5 kids, Robert, Linda, Betty, Sharon and Dennis are gathering for comfort and memories.  I wish I could be with them, but I trust they know my spirit is reaching out to them as they send their mother on her final journey.

Ralph Wms Kids 63-1

Ralph Williams Family 001-1

Cedar Rapids 2005 009 

Life goes on in generation after generation—Thanks Aunt Mattie

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