Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I Learned On My 9-Day Meditation Retreat-5

Part Five


This has been the most physically challenging 9-day retreat ever—for me. Not least due to my misstep on the way to report on my most fabulous break-through sitting ever. I’m taking a different path to the cabin where the group is meeting. “Hmmm, this doesn’t look like too steep a drop-off. I’ll just sort of dig in my heels and slide down.” The dirt is a little looser than I anticipated. I hit the bottom and discover that the incline is also steeper than I thought. I am suddenly aware that my legs are churning at about 10 mph while my upper body is moving at 12 mph. “Maybe I can grab that tree—too late—moving too fast—this is not going to end well.” I sort of slowly dive forward toward what I hope will be a not-too-bone-crushing landing . . . . whump! Just like sliding into 2nd base—head first. Oooh! That ground is slightly harder than I had hope for, but covered with nettles which cushioned the blow a bit. After about 10 feet I come to a halt, the dust cloud rising around me.

“Uh, Oh! What is that pain in my right shoulder? And the knee? And the foot seems to have turned a little as it hit the ground.” I lie there assessing the damage. Up on one knee—Oh yes! The shoulder took the worst of it. But I can get up. I can walk, painfully and limping and right arm dragging by my side, but I can walk.

What a reporting session this is going to be! What was it I was going to report on again?

Oh yes! It is enough!

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