Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adventures of Obama - 4

Obama saw a gargantuan gusher.

Oil! – Looked like a real crusher.

The gusher spewed, enlarged its reach;

It fouled the waters, approaching the beach.

The people were anxious, the fishermen scared;

BP couldn’t stop it, its flawed system was bared.

Barack Obama, he didn’t worry;

He wouldn’t yell or scream and fury;

He went to work on a cleanup plan,

And mobilized the forces to save the Land.


  1. And.............. How does it all end?

    I know, I know. Maybe it never will!

  2. Oil, oil everywhere
    Not a drop of water to drink....

    Have not been following the saga since I got to Peru... take it from your writing that the oil is still gushing forth ---

  3. Sorry—I'm not impressed with our Presidents response on this one. He fumbled the ball in his speech by not calling for HUGH changes and sacrifices. If now isn't the time, when is?