Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Really Did Enjoy the Show

“Did you see that?”

“That was a fascinating shot—are you cutting that thing out?”

“No, I’m burning it out!”

I’m watching this whole process on the big flat screen HD TV as if it is a dance. This little round electronic tool is flitting around as I’m talking to my surgeon through the whole play. I wonder how he got that tool, along with the camera and attached floodlight up through the penis, urethra, and into the bladder. But he is a master of his craft: “Been doing these for 30 years,” as he says. And he is pleased, as am I, that I talked the anesthesiologist into the spinal block so I could participate in the whole show.

Now, the recovery process is not going as smooth as I had hoped: Last night’s midnight trip to the ER because my plumbing wasn’t working; re-introducing the catheter; now wearing a bag attached to my leg that I have to empty every couple hours; waiting for the lab results of the biopsy, which should be here by the end of the week; and finally, looking forward to quarterly “inspections” of the bladder in case there is a recurrence.

But on the whole, it was another freakin’ learning opportunity (AFLO) and I’m glad I was present for it. I’ll keep you posted on progress from time to time.

MM Bladder closeup DSCN5120

Above is one shot of the tumor that was removed and my victory dance as I was about to leave the hospital.  I was going to include a video of the whole operation but did not want to totally gross you out.  And Dr. Torrey wouldn’t let me have a copy.                   

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  1. I'm just fine with the written word Milan..... the visual (aka.... the photo of your little intruder) .... well thanks for sharing!