Monday, May 3, 2010


I have a little tumor that appeared inside of me,

And how I came to have it is quite a mystery.

I try to live a healthy life, at least inside my head;

And I don’t smoke or other things that make me stay in bed.


The funniest thing about it is I wasn’t near aware

Until my doctor took one look and said, “A tumor’s there!”

“These things are oft malignant so we have to take it out

And send it to the lab so we can see what it’s about.”


I told my wife and friends about my new internal friend;

And they became concerned and asked me questions without end.

Of course I couldn’t answer them because I hadn’t thought to query,

As men are often wont to do, at least they do so rarely.


But I have confidence and faith in my internal strength;

My doctor’s good and so is life, no matter how the length.

I figure this is just another chance to beat the proverbial odds;

So I’ll let my doctor do his job and leave the rest to God.

Milan Hamilton

April 29, 2010


  1. Sadu, sadu, sadu! (Well done, well done, well done!)