Tuesday, October 27, 2009

86,400 Seconds to Live

And each second is a “now” preceded by a past second and succeeded by a future second.  Living in the Now and being present is a most difficult endeavor, but it is actually the only way to live. I’ve spent most of my life living in the past to know that’s a dead end. And even though I have a dream I know that it is another dead end way of living to try to live in it.

So tomorrow I will get up and greet the day, shave and know I am shaving, shower and know the freshness of clean and the hotness of the water. Then, if I have survived and thrived my way through that experience, I will walk, just walk, maybe ending at the coffee shop to smell the coffee, and read, yes, if my eyesight holds out until tomorrow, I will read. And then maybe I will write.

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