Friday, October 23, 2009

Patsy’s Surprise!


“Mom! Patsy had her puppies! Today while I was at school!”

“What? How many? Where are they?” My mother had just come home from work. We had been anxiously awaiting the new arrivals for days.

“You aren’t going to be happy with where she had them,” I informed her hesitatingly. Motioning her to follow I led her to her bedroom door, expecting a scream. Instead my mother burst out laughing at the sight of Patsy, our little black and white Boston Terrier, in the middle of my parents double-bed, licking and nursing her three tiny, still wet and gooey babies.

We of course had to take all the bedding to the laundry and get the mattress cleaned as well.

Patsy&Puppies1954-4 Patsy&Puppies1954-3

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