Sunday, September 6, 2009

Memories of Teachers

I remember my teachers in snapshots and sound bites, as I remember my life. Mrs. Eldred, my 2nd grade Sunday school teacher at Emmanuel Lutheran in North Minneapolis was a large woman whose favorite line was “Jesus loves you.” I don’t remember getting any hugs from her—I don’t remember getting many hugs from anybody in those years—but I felt the love in Mrs. Eldred’s class.

Mrs. Tippie I encountered in 6th grade at John Hay School. We were all well-warned that this tall, slim, stern woman would hang any of us out of her second story classroom window by our shirt collars if we misbehaved. Somehow, I don’t remember any of us ever misbehaving. The power of a story!

The photo below looks like it is a picture of a school I attended.  Actually it is, but the building is what used to be Lincoln Junior High, now an elementary school, I believe.  In the foreground is the subject of the photo, the blacktopped playground.  This is where the grade school I attended, John Hay School, from 1st through 6th grades, used to stand.

JohnHay School Site

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