Thursday, September 3, 2009

Walking Home From the Homewood

Sometimes I would stay through a double-feature at the Homewood Theatre, or just stay through the second showing of the same movie again. Then it was the long walk home from Plymouth Avenue—after dark. Actually, it was only about three blocks, but there were monsters and evil creatures hiding behind every bush and tree, and this required extra vigilance on my part to get past the scariest places on the trip, until I got to the streetlight on “my” corner and could run the last 30 yards. But then, the front of the 4-plex where we lived was not well-lit and I had to go to the back to enter. I’m not even going to mention the back stairway leading to the basement and our 2nd floor apartment—going to shovel coal into the furnace early in the morning is another story.


Above: The Backyard Gang

Below: Neighborhood Hoodlums

Neighborhood Hoodlums

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